Christmas Has Begun


Friday Heath had to work food truck so I made the kids cook me dinner.



They chose the menu and then did most of the preparation. I did cutting and some of the stuff on the stove for them but they did the rest.



We had shells and cheese, baked beans, cheesy broccoli, green beans with bacon and fried potatoes.


Everyone was pleased.


The rest of the night we did an exercise video, roughhoused some and just hung out and then got to bed. At 3:30am I got up and took this giant chuck of beef out of the fridge.


I went back to sleep until 7 and then got back up. I got the big burner on the stove going super hot, added some oil to a pan and then seared all the sides of the prime rib roast.


I got the oven set to 200F and the meat probe set to 128 and then stuck the whole thing in the oven.


I’ll skip ahead and show you the final product.



Ohh man it was good.

The kids got up while I was cooking and got dressed then I took Peanut and Pumpkin to work with me. We got the pledge drive started for the day and a few things done around the office. They got a donut and time to watch Justice League out of the deal.

Once home I got to work making twice baked potato casserole while Heath cleaned.


Eventually all her brothers and sisters showed up w/ their significant others plus her mom and Grandma. We got all 15 of us around 1 big table for the roast.



We also played games


and opened presents





The rest of the day we just hung out. Sanders stoped by at night to have a few beers and talk before bed.

Sunday I woke up early and could not get back to bed. I put all the party tables and chairs and everything away, cleaned out and swept up the garage, did some laundry and cleaned out the basement. Then I put on gloves and a hat and went outside to work on the wood chips pile.


I got one truckload full before everyone else got up and wanted breakfast. I went in and made some peach pancakes for the kids and big smoothies for Heath and I. I was not sure the smoothy was going to cut it so I decided to warm up a leftover pie from the Christmas meal. I engulfed a large slice of a raspberry tart and immediately felt funny. I dug through the recycles found the box and saw the crust had almonds in it.

I could feel my body getting angry so drank some water and took 4 benedryl capsules. Then I had another glass of smoothy and decided to work hard to get my metabolism going and finish some of the stuff I had wanted to get done. I moved more mulch and then worked on the real wood.

Back-story on the wood and mulch: A tree service called on Friday and said they had a big truckload of wood and asked if I wanted it. I said sure and they told me the catch was they had to also drop a truckload of mulch. I ended up agreeing. Both the wood and the mulch are good quality but I have way more mulch then I know what to do with.

So anyway I worked on the wood pile until I thought the chiefs game was going to start. Then I went in, drank some water and cooled off. My throat and eyes were scratchy but I could breath okay. I took a shower and discovered the game was not until 3. Then the benedryl caught up w/ me and I got super tired. Heath convinced me to lay down and I was fast asleep in no time. She woke me up just before the game and I was really tired but the allergic reaction seemed to be fine. I ate and watched the game some from the bed and some from the couch.

After the game we ate dinner and I was back to normal so we made a quick Walmart run before bed.

In other news we now have this on our house.


It runs to the pole out back


And some guys with Google Fiber badges put it there.  I assume more to come soon.



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