The Park In Winter


I picked up the girls at daycare after work and then we picked up Heath and we all rushed to the park.


Once there we just ran around and played.

 20131216_163630  20131216_162121

Everyone got some good exercise and enjoyed the warmish day. We got a little cool and hungry so we headed home and got after dinner. I shredded a cauliflower and made it into “rice” in one pan. I chopped up a bunch of veggies, sausage and roast leftovers into another pan and added curry blocks to it. In a 3rd pan I put jalapenos, hot curry and onion.


Then dished us all up big bowls.


Everyone ate pretty good and we still had leftover cake and pie from the weekend so had big desserts too.

After dinner we worked on Christmas cards, internet issues, wood-stove loading, baths and school projects.


As Pumpkin’s school project dried we started reading books.



Then we got Pumpkin in bed and the woodstove ready for the night and then I went to bed a read a bit.



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