I made a hearty soup Monday night and Heath put it in the crock pot so dinner was ready when the girls and I got home. I got the ladies a little snack and some toys out and let them play outside.


While they played and snacked I moved some mulch. Heath had the truck so I used the wheelbarrow.


The girls were not as interested in playing outside as I had wanted and insisted on helping me.


I got a few loads in before their fingers got too cold and they would not keep mittens on so we headed inside. I did some dishes and cleaning up while Pumpkin worked on making Christmas cards for her classmates.


Just after 6 Heath got home and our Parents as Teachers lady. We sat down and ate the soup. It was really good and Bean really enjoyed drinking the broth. After dinner we played some games and talked about the kids. After our meeting Heath got Bean ready for bed and I got Pumpkin writing on cards.Once she was done we read some books and she went to bed. Heath and I did some Christmas planning and then went to bed.





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