Plaza Lights


Heath had all the kids at home making cookies and when I got home they were ready to get out of the house. We loaded up in both vehicles and went over to Waldo Pizza to use a coupon before the end of the year. We let the kids get rootbeer and Heath and I got a really good sweet potato beer.


We also got 2 small pizzas.


After dinner we headed down to the plaza.


We parked and took a few pictures in the parking garage.


We left and walked around and looked at stuff and went in a few shops.



We planned to ride a horse carriage but it was more then twice the cost we were expecting so we skipped it. The kids were a little disappointed but we made some vague promises of some other fun and santa watching etc and they were cool.

We headed back to the cars and Heath and Peanut headed off to see A Spectacular Christmas show. The girls and I went to HyVee and just happened to find pony rides.



It was not as cool as the carriage but not bad. To make the deal a little better I let Pumpkin pick out ice-cream. She really wanted bubblegum ice-cream but when we could not find that she settled for birthday cake ice-cream. We took it home and served it up.


The girls ate good and then got ready for bed. I read them each books then Pumpkin and I told stories. I actually fell asleep during her story but she got me up when it was my turn.

Once they were in bed I headed downstairs and finished off Bean’s present. Then I got a call from work and did some work for a bit and then decided to read in bed. I tried to stay up until Heath and Grant got home and I made it until they got home but was asleep before they were in their beds.

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