Queen Bean


Happy New Years folks. We will be hanging out with the girls, a taco bar and friends tonight feel free to join us.

Here is a chunk of pictures that were not uploaded in time for yesterday’s post.

our new 60 x 20 canvas print and photo water bottle. I just needed it on a shirt


Here are the girls coming out Xmas morning


Santa promotes oral health


Pumpkin kept asking Santa for a real doll. This was the best he could do.


Mini indoor fort


Movies with Olive.



Last night Heath had started some rearranging before the girls and I got home and we had a lot of stuff to get ready for New Years Eve. We just had a frozen pizza for dinner to keep it easy. The girls spent a lot of time playing in the tub while we put stuff away and got things ready. Once Bean was out of the way Pumpkin got out the playdough and played until bedtime.


By our bedtime we were in pretty good shape so watched a bit of tv before going to bed. We have been speeding through Orange is the New Black on Netflix lately.



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