Happy New Year


I got out of work a bit early and joined Heath working hard to get things ready for the New Year celebration. Stooks came by first and helped out and then more friends started to show up. We split the party between our house and Stephen and Becky’s and once the kids got hungry we went next door. They played while we got things ready.


We had a big taco bar with lots of good stuff in it. The kids ate first.


Then they went back to playing and we ate. As the night went on some kids got tired so we started getting a movie going.


The kids all snuggled up to watch.


Bean didn’t watch long and all worked their way to bed. We hung outside by the fire for a bit and then moved into our house and more older kids showed up so Pumpkin played with them.

We did an unwanted/leftover presents exchange and it was pretty good and we were able to get rid of some stuff.


We hung out and waited until midnight.


Then we had a toast and celebrated.

We played some games and eventually went to bed. Just before bed, talks of breakfast started and in the morning we got after it.

Photo: Yum. Thanks for cooking Chris!

We started with biscuits and gravy and added potatoes, eggs, ham and bacon.


It was great.



We hung out for a while longer and the kids played


then everyone went home and we got busy cleaning up.

Izzy and I took a load of mulch to my mom’s house and the girls took naps and we got the house back in shape and relaxed a bit. For dinner we made a really good soup mostly of sweet potatoes and ham. Then we got to bed




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