Bit O Frost


I picked up the girls on my way home and got busy making dinner. Heath and Peanut had picked up a friend to come stay the night. While cooking Heath and I tried out an unusual beer.

It seemed okay at first but by the end of my mug I was pretty done with this beer, the doughnuts were way better. We cooked a ton of veggies in curry w/ turkey sausage and riced cabbage.


It was really good and everyone but Peanut and his friend had seconds. The rest of the night we messed around the house and Heath and I finished Orange is the new Black. The kids watched Despicable Me 2 and then the boys played ipad and the girls went to bed.

In the morning I got up first and got things ready then headed to the Little Blue trail for a run.



It was not too snowy or cold but I slipped in the ice a few times.


After my jog I loaded up on groceries at Aldi then came home to the family. Everyone had breakfast and I made pancakes for the boys and oatmeal and cereal for the girls and everyone had fresh blackberries in yogurt.

After breakfast I headed back outside and took down all the Christmas lights.


Once the lights were down I cleared out the gutters until my fingers were freezing. I helped Heath in the house for a bit with more xmas decorations and got cleaned up and made a big salad.

After Lily’s nap we headed to our friends new house to watch the chiefs game. We watched a game that started out great then went terribly. We still had lots of fun and had some pizza and the kids got to play.



The kids were having a blast and it got pretty snowy out so we decided to sleep over and stayed up late. In the morning we packed up, thawed out the van and headed home. We got all the fires going and the stuff unpacked and fed the kids. Then everyone else took naps and I went back to the trail.


there was some more snow this time.


Instead of running shoes I had bundled up in warm clothes and filled my backpack with weights. I hiked for 2 hours w/ 67lbs on my back and the GPS said I only went 3 miles.


It was pretty fun and hard work and getting cold was not an issue until I got home and cooled off in my sweat soaked long underwear.

I was starving when I got home and even though it was the middle of the afternoon I got started cooking dinner. We watched football and ate a fun dinner of spring rolls, rice and pork steak. I was pretty sleepy and my legs were tired and the rest of the night we just tried to keep the fires roaring while watching tv and reading books.



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