Cheer Camp

Camera 360

I picked up the girls and got home just before Heath and Peanut. I shredded a cauliflower and started making riced cauliflower and warmed up some leftover foodtruck chicken pot pies. We sat down to eat right away. The kids liked the crust but not really the insides of the pot pies.


We barely finished dinner before Pumpkin and I had to put on our jackets and shoes and rush off to cheer camp.

Camera 360

The girls started out just playing music and dancing. Then they did some stretches and practiced some cheers and moves from the day before

Camera 360

There seemed to be lots of breaks for just random dancing and water breaks and bathroom breaks but it kept all the little ones interested.  They talked about what they would do during the first 1/2 of the game and then worked on their half time routine. Everyone is pretty excited about the performance on Friday.

I watched and read my book and played with a new camera app on my phone trying to get good pictures of a Pumpkin that never stopped moving and was really far away.

Near the end of practice they pulled the parents aside to give us free passes to the game and tell us where to have the girls and when and explain what the plan was. Then we headed home.

Peanut had been busy making pudding so we had a little snack when we got home. Then we read books, got on pajamas, loaded up the stove, played with the chromecast, did an exercise video and went to bed.

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