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On Friday Heath was working late and I picked up the girls and took them home. We had left a bunch of chicken, potatoes, carrots and stuff in a crock pot so the house smelled great and dinner was ready when we got home.  The girls ate really well and rested around the house for a bit and then we headed off to the high school.

Heath was there working and we met up with her and checked in with the cheerleaders. They hooked Pumpkin up with a shirt and a bow.


Then Heath gave her some chap stick.

We left her dancing with her friends and Bean and I found our seats and Heath went back to work for a bit.

We watched the varsity girls basketball game it came down to the last 15 seconds and we won by 2 pts. Then Pumpkin and the other girls came out and Heath joined us.



Pumpkin was a little overwhelmed by all the people and noise. The game was exciting and Center was winning by quite a bit at half. Then it was time for the routine.


Pumpkin did a great job and knew all the moves but was pretty nervous in front of all the people.


Then the routine ended and Heath went to pick her up and reward her with Doritos and Gatorade.


She was glad she did it but ready to go home.


So we skipped the rest of the game and went home. We put the girls to bed and Heath and I watched a movie before bed.

In the morning I got up well before anyone else and loaded up my backpack with 62 lbs of water and dumbells. It was pretty nice and warm out so I didn’t have to bundle up. I parked alongside the blue river and started hiking.

Camera 360

I started a really funny podcast called Why oh Why on my headphones and a GPS tracking program on my phone. The ground was still frozen and had some snow and ice on it.

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This was really nice actually and kept it from being muddy. It was a great hike and I made it a lot farther then the week before. I only saw 1 other person out there.

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I headed home and my girls were just getting up. We ate cereal and then everyone helped clean up the house. Then we ate a small lunch and the girls laid down while Heath and I showered and packed up their stuff.

Cousin Ruth and Matt came by and we got the girls up and dressed and loaded all the kid gear in their car. Heath and I had about an hour to rest and then we got our fancy pants (and dress) on and headed to a wedding.

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Our friends Twist and Lauren got married in the Firestone building downtown. It was really nice and we had a lot of fun. The food was great and the open bar was fully stocked, even homebrew made by the officiant. The reception was on the top floor and they let us onto the roof to look around.


We ate, drank, danced and celebrated late into the night before crashing at Jon and Amanda’s hotel room. In the morning we got packed up, checked out and then went to stuff our hangovers w/ greasy breakfast at City Dinner. Then Heath and I went to pick up the girls. Once home we all laid down for naps.

We got to lay down for about an hour and then got cleaned up and dressed and headed to my Grandpa’s 90th Birthday party.


We had some great pie and cookies and snacks and the kids got to run around w/ Drake and have lots of fun.


Then we took the kids to my moms and dropped them off and Heath and I went to a Volunteer appreciation party. We had more great food and another open bar and we got to talk to a lot of great volunteers and staff. Then we headed back for the kids and then home. Everyone put on pajamas immediately and climbed into our bed. We watched the Simpson’s then put the girls in their beds. Heath and I fell asleep well before 9.

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