Kiyoto Kotani Is Here


Actually he showed up Saturday our time but I was not sure if I was supposed to post about him or not. Baby, Chiaki and Kentaro are all doing great.



I wish they were not so far away.


I don’t really know much more yet.

We had a fairly ordinary evening. We made a grocery run while our potatoes were baking. The girls were hungry and crabby and we nearly ran through Aldi to get our stuff and get out. Dinner was good and the kids were sleepy so after Heath got them in pajamas and started reading books with them. I cleaned up the kitchen then started cutting fruit and vegetables and laying them in the dehydrator.


I’m not sure if I have ever filled so many trays of the dehydrator. I plan to use most of this while backpacking this weekend. Top to bottom, apples, pineapples, bananas, zucchini, cabbage, carrots, sweet peppers, onions and black beans.

Once the dehydrator was running and the girls were in bed we did some exercise then watched an episode of Dexter.

This morning my fruit looked like it still had a lot of water in it but the beans were really dry and most of the vegetables.


I dumped everything that was ready into ziplock bags and kept the rest in there,


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