Meal Prep


Heath was working late and I picked up the girls and got busy on dinner. Pumpkin was worn out and laid down in my bed and watched PBS. Bean helped me get dinner ready and do some prep for my backpacking trip this weekend.


We setup the tent and she was really nervous about going inside it at first. I threw more and more toys in there and she wanted to go get them but was nervous for some reason. Then I went inside and she got brave and joined me. We also got a bunch of stuff cooking on the grill.


And I started mixing up ziplock bags of meals for 4 hungry men on our hike.


Heath got home and Pumpkin got up and we ate dinner.


After dinner Bean and I ran to the grocery store and Heath took Pumpkin to cousin Ruth’s house to play. Then Bean played in the sink bath and I cleaned up and made a giant bag of trail mix.


Then we read books and I laid her down. I took down the tent and did a little packing and Heath came home. We had a beer and watched an episode of Dexter before going to bed.

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