Pumpkin’s Pen


We all got home at about the same time and all the girls got busy straitening up the house a bit and I got busy making dinner.


I used a box of mix stuff like bisquick to make the dough and it was really good and not too bad to deal with. (I love making and eating pizza but I don’t like to make dough)

Of course we topped the pizza with wierd things like zuchini, yellow peppers and tofu.  PHOTO_20140115_171731

It also had jalapenos on half and pepperonis on all of it. Of course it tasted great, Heath was skeptical of the tofu on there but really liked it though the kids section was a little bland. After dinner I did some cleaning up and starting the next project and Heath read to the girls.


Then our PAT lady came by for our visit. She had great activities this month. They both rocked a puzzle thing with doors and putting objects into the container they belonged in. Bean was really excited and jumping and yelling every time she got something right. She played a game with tennis balls and a muffin tin and thought it was so funny.


Pumpkin got a glue stick and a bunch of colored paper objects. She glued the objects into a little book and decided what should go where in her book. Then she sounded out what each object started with and wrote that letter.


She wanted to go the extra step and write the whole word. I think she knew all of pig.


Most of the rest of the words were too hard for her so the teacher told her what letters made up the rest of the word and she wrote them.


Once she had all the objects labeled, we made up a story for the book taking turns w/ the objects on each page.

Then the kids got hearing tests and played some more and tried to steal the toys and then our lady left.

Heath worked on getting the kids in bed and I resumed building Logan Bread.


Logan Bread is for my backpacking trip and packs a ton of protein and calories into an efficient cube. It’s supposed to be 500 calories for a 3×3 inch square.  Some “expert on the internet” says the total loaf has 7,182 calories, 98 grams of fiber and 124 grams of protein.


It was pretty easy to make, I mixed up all the dry ingredients in 1 bowl and all the wet ones in another bowl then mixed them together really well.


Any stray beard hairs that go in just make it more manly.

Then it cooked in 2 small pans for 90 minutes on low temperature. While it was cooking I did a little bit of gathering things for the trip and cleaning up after myself and bringing in firewood. Then Heath and I did a cardio workout in the basement. After the workout we checked on the bread and then watched Out of the Wild, The Alaska Experiment. We watched most of this show forever ago but got motivated to watch again. Just before bed we tried a small chunk of bread.


It was pretty hearty as you would expect and not too sweet and not too salty. I thought not bad at the time but a few minutes later I was kind of craving some more. Instead I packed it up for the trip and went to sleep.


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