Tuesday night Heath worked late and I picked up the girls and then Peanut. We went home and I made them up some quesadillas and some wraps for Heath and I. Peanut made his lunch and we got a few other things done before we loaded up in the van. Heath got home and jumped in and we were off. We went to some friends 4yr old birthday party. We were a little late but just in time for some fishing.


The kids got some prizes and then sang happy birthday and moved right into cupcakes.


They played with a ton of kids and had fun and we talked with some parents a bit then we headed home. The girls were tired and rushed to bed. Heath helped Peanut with school work and I did some exercise video.  Then we all headed to bed. In the morning I got up early and hauled off the rest of the mulch into the back yard and got all my split wood stacked up and everything cleaned up.

Last night we were kind of planning to have a family game night but the house was a disaster and I forgot an important part at work so we postponed game night and had clean up night. We had Mexican for dinner and used up the last of our steak leftovers.  Then Heath got busy with the girls. I started making dinner for tonight and Peanut made our To Do List or 2Do List in his head.


He was a great help and as I cooked, and cleaned I kept giving him and Izzy job after job after job. We got the upstairs looking pretty good and many things in order for game night. Then Peanut and I went into the basement and got it all vacuumed and cleaned up and fresh sheets on the beds and he had a blast running the shop vac through the firewood area.

We headed back upstairs crossed off a lot on our list and got back to work. He vacuumed and swept and I mopped and the house was looking great.


Heath and I hung a coat rack to help keep it organized.


Actually it is not a coat rack but a candle holder we screwed to the wall but it does the job. Heath got the girls in bed and worked on some stuff with Peanut. He did such a good job cleaning we let him play on the computer a bunch. I brought up Alaska the Last Frontier and started working on the last 2 items on the list. Fold Laundry and Put away Laundry.

Once the kids were all down Heath helped me with the laundry and we got it all folded and everything but the girls stuff put away before getting ready for bed.

This morning I got up early to try a 60 minute video instead of my usual 10-30 min. It was pretty good.



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