Family Game Night: Wii Hack


When Lily and I got home dinner was in the toaster oven and the kids were getting schoolwork done and Heath was putting away the girls laundry. I loaded up the stove and replaced a light fixture in the basement and then we got busy eating dinner.

Dinner was kind of a random casserole of stuff I wanted to use up and turned out pretty bland so Heath and I had to spice ours up.

After dinner I hooked up our wii to the TV and Peanut found all the controllers and batteries. A friend of ours recently hacked our wii for us. I gave him the wii and an external hard drive. He loaded about 60 new games on the hard drive. Last night we tried it out.


It was exciting and overwhelming to have so many new games at once. We tried to get everyone participating at onceĀ  but that really didn’t work out very well.


So we took turns and played puzzles and ate snacks and stuff too. I think everyone had a good night. First the girls went to sleep and we played more and then Peanut went to sleep and Heath and I played a bit more and then we went to sleep.


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