The Ride


We didn’t go to the zoo or ride any other carrousels last night but I didn’t take a single picture so I just grabbed something that didn’t make the site a while back.

Heath and Pumpkin were already home when I got off work and picked up Bean. Bean was in a terrible mood and tired from a busy day so Heath gave her a breathing treatment and laid her down for a nap. We made Pumpkin a snack and put on KCPT then Heath and I went to the basement for some exercise.

We worked hard and got a little glistening of sweat going. Heath fixed up a dip and I checked on a cooler from the night before then we got the girls ready and headed over to our friends Mike and Julie’s new house.

Pumpkin slept on the drive over. When we got there both girls were well rested and in great moods. We toured the house, had some drinks and dip and Mike and Julie finished getting dinner ready. They put on a show for Pumpkin and she was excited to eat in the family room instead of at the table with us.

We ate and caught up and talked about the awesome new house. Then Julie brought out a monster chocolate cake and cookies. After dessert we packed up the girls and rushed them home to bed. We got on their pajamas before we left and told our stories on the drive home.

Heath and I were kind of worn out from the weekend so once the girls were in bed we got the fire and everything ready for the night and got in bed. I expected to go to sleep early but I started reading and was near the end of the 6th Sword of Truth book. 2 hours later I finished the book and went to sleep.

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