Once the girls and I got home we fired up the grill and got after dinner. Lately dinner has been a major rush for us as the girls always seem famished. They circle my feet telling me they are hungry and complaining. We plan to mix things up next month at dinner time and maybe we can help with this. I grilled chicken legs and thighs, zucchini, sweet potatoes and cooked beans and rice on the stove and then we ate.

Both girls ate really well and then we decided to hit up the play room and rushed out the door. We seemed to have the entire school to ourselves and did it all.

building forts, smashing forts, music toys, alphabet toys, gymnastics on the foam blocks, cars and trucks, playing doctor


Of course my beard was very healthy.

Playing kitchen


dress up princess twirl fest


walk the babies


but most of the time we worked on art projects.



Pumpkin and I are talking a lot about snow lately and really hope to get some the next few days. She had a great idea to get out our beach buckets and use them to make snow castles like sand castles and I really hope we get to make that happen this year. So I made a snowflake.


Heath hung it on the board for me. Pumpkin made several things.



One was a snowman, and my favorite was a picture of me cooking.


We stayed about an hour and then rushed Bean off to bed. Pumpkin got all ready and then convinced me to let her make some cookies I read on the internet.  They are supposed to be for anytime you have a little leftover dough after making biscuits or pizza or something but I mixed up a tiny amount of pancake batter and added too much powder and not enough water.


We rolled it out really thin and then cut circles. We ended up w/ 6 circles, 3 tops and 3 bottoms.

 IMG_20140130_192357 Pumpkin filled them with sprinkles and chocolate.


Then we put the tops on them and sprinkled on cinnamon and sugar.


We let them back for like 7 min at 350 in the toaster.

We read books while they baked and then Heath brought them over hot. We gobbled them up and they were really tasty, easy and fast.

After books and toothbrushes and stories Pumpkin went to bed. Heath and I experimented with trying to fit both of us in 1 big sleeping bag for cold weather camping. It would work and keep us warm but it’s too cramped to be comfortable and rolling over is quite an ordeal.

Since we were laying down we just went to sleep.


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