Happy (Chinese) New Year


The whole family picked me up from work on Friday and we cruised over to the Nelson Atkins museum. Heath’s Parents as teachers group was doing an art project and got us tickets to a show. We started out building banners for the new year.




After the banners were all beautiful the kids checked out some art.


Then we went to the theater to watch a dance.



It was right at dinner time but pretty good and the kids did pretty well overall. Once the dance was over we rushed home and made a pizza. I shredded and cooked a bunch of butternut squash and snuck it into the pizza. Everyone loved it. We watched The Croods while eating.

Saturday morning Peanut and I got up early and headed to Home Depot for a kids workshop.


It was our first time going and I was really impressed. When I signed up I thought we would be there for an hour or two but we worked at our own pace and we really had fun. Peanut had to glue and nail a few things together and then he had a race car to paint.


We got there right as it started and he was the only kid. I was so impressed once his car was done we went home and I got Pumpkin and brought her up to make one.


Of course hers needed lots of pink and purple. There were several other kids working when we got there and by the time we left the place was totally full of kids.


Her car went really quick as I had figured things out. Saturday, March first is the next one and we are definitely going back.

We went home and picked up the whole family and headed over to the Lakeside Nature center. The kids screwed around.



and checked on their favorite animals




Then played with the crafts for a bit.



We headed home for lunch and naps. Grant and I worked on the wood pile most of the afternoon.


Kelly and Drake came over the play after naps and we cooked a bunch of fajitas and hung out most of the evening.

Sunday morning I got up early and went for a run at the trail.



It was a great run and I was unusually not worn out at the end. Once home I cooked up a big omelet then went back to the word pile. I worked all morning on it and got everything not in my terrible pile split and stacked. There was some gnarly stuff and I was definitely very worn out at the end. While I was outside the kids played play-dough. IMG_20140202_100837.JPG

When I came in we made lunch and then ate. I took a shower and Lily and I laid down for naps while Heath took the big kids to play at a playplace.

After my nap I got a bunch of potatoes baking and hot dogs warming and bacon cooking. Then I got the kitchen cleaned and some other pregame setup done. Heath came home and took a nap and Pumpkin did some painting.

I forgot to grab the pictures from everything past this point but we had friends come over and the kids played and did cute things and we ate and drank and watched the game. We ended up all staying up way to late and covering the whole house in a layer of toys and popcorn. Maybe I’ll expand on that tomorrow after I add the pictures.

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