Well the snow put me away from the computer for a few days and then I had a lot of catching up to do so things are still pretty slow. This is bad news for updating the blog but great news for fun stories away from the blog. All the days have kind of blurred together so sorry if I’m missing some stuff or gotten out of order.

Just before the storm we made a great dinner and then I headed outside to get some wood.


I have a random pile of stuff that is really aqwardly shaped and hard to split. I was feeling pretty confident so decided to beat on some of these pieces and get some chunks dried for the upstairs fireplace. The upstairs fireplace is huge and I can fit long stuff in there. It’s nice to heat up the family room and get rid of stuff I can’t fit below.

Once I came in Heath and Peanut went to rent videos and books from the library. The girls and I got busy cleaning up the disaster left over from the superbowl.


Speaking of superbowl here are a few pics from the night.




Shortly after getting the house clean, Peanut and Heath came home and then schools started closing for the next day. Once all of us had the day off Stephen, Becky and AJ came over to celebrate. We had a few drinks and the kids made a mess of just cleaned family room.

In the morning I got up early and built up the fire then I bundled up and went for a jog.  It was snowing pretty hard but had not been falling for long.


I just went to the asphalt trail up the street but it was a little slick and once I saw a little deer trail off in the woods I left the trail and ran along the creek along makeshift trails.


This was way more fun and a better workout. I was jumping, ducking and vaulting around things constantly.

Once I was worn out I stopped for beer and donuts but the donut store was closed. Our friends Jon, Briana and Olive came over to weather the storm with us. Jon and I hit up another donut store and came home heros.


The snow was falling really hard and we knew it was just going to get colder out so we started the giant task of bundling children to take them outside.


The snow was falling pretty hard but it was not bad out.




I’m not sure anyone had as much fun as me.


but maybe Jon did, at least he looked like he did


We all got to play a bunch and took several pictures before heading in.


Heath got the kids hot coco and us spiked coffee and we made lunch. We built up the fire upstairs and roasted wieners on the fire. After lunch the little ones laid down and I started brewing.


While brewing we played wii with Peanut.


It made everything smell awesome.


Eventually the beer was ready and just needed to cool.


And the kids were awake and the neighbors were ready to sled some more so we bundled up and headed across the street.


and tossed the beer in some snow.


There was a lot more snow and this hill was steeper but not as long so easy for the kids to climb.






Stephen, Becky and AJ came home with us and we made some dinner and had some warm drinks and let the kids play. Eventually the kids went to bed and we played games for a while and then bundled up and went adult sledding just before bed. By this time it was really deep and we had to work hard to make a trail down our hill.

In the morning we made up a big breakfast and played around the house all day. I got several more things marked off my todo list w/ some help. The coolest thing we did was build a fort a that took up the whole family room.



Once it was up we all climbed in and watched The Croods.

Pumpkin’s favorite part of the day was making Popsicles.


It stopped snowing and after fixing the kids lunch we went out to shovel while they took naps.



Once up we tried to make frozen bubbles but the wind was blowing them away too fast. We made pizzas for dinner then our friends left.

We cleaned up a bit and then decided to make dessert.


We made ice cream from snow, condensed milk and vanilla.


The kids were all about this and we even added some holiday chocolate chips. We put it in some cones and dug in.


It was great. It gave me brain freeze but tasted great. We were all pretty beat and took baths and got in bed. We watched a little tv before going to sleep.

Last night AJ came over to play.


We made/ate stir fry, colored and played playdough.


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