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Friday Heath and the girls had another snow day. They were ready to get out of the house so went to check on some of the warmest animals at the zoo.





They rested when they got home and I joined them and we made a Mexican dip and then brownies.


Pumpkin loved helping.



Then we loaded up the car, woke up Bean and headed to Rachel and Alex’s house for dinner with them and cousin Ruth.


They had toys out for the girls to play.


And after dinner we played some games that were really fun. The girls got tired and we headed home and put them in bed.

Heath watched Olympics and I read my book and we got to sleep pretty early. In the morning we ate breakfast, packed up a lot of stuff for the girls, packed up some stuff for us, washed everyone and then headed to a playplace in Olathe. We ate lunch and the girls played and Granny Donna met up with us. The girls went off with her to have fun and we headed home. We grabbed a box of wine on the way. Once home we put on warm clothes, packed some snacks, water and extra hats, gloves, jackets and boots.


We drove the truck out south a ways and found a spot close to the Little Blue River trail. Just before parking we saw a Honda CRV trying to get out of the ditch so we pulled them out with the truck and then parked.

The first 10 minutes of the hike were the worst. We had to hike up to and over a bridge and then down to the trail. The plows had piled the snow high and it was annoying. Once on the trail we were able to follow deer, rabbit, biker and hiker prints for a lot of the way. The deep snow was a little rougher to walk in but not bad. Once in the woods a way we filled up with the bag from the boxed wine.


Of course that made things even more fun.


We got warm pretty quick and had to ditch a layer or two. We got and early start and had daylight for most of the hike.



We left the trail at red bridge and headed over to a little lake and the start of the Indian Creek trail. We had not taken many breaks because we didn’t want to sit in the snow and deep snow was everywhere but we found a gate we could rest on.


We had some granola bars and cheese sticks, a bottle of water and then topped off our wine.


This was about the end of our daylight and the trail started getting dark.


It was easy going at this point and we just had fun hiking, talking and sipping our wine.


I think we had hiked about 8 miles when we got to the house. We stripped off our sweaty snowy clothes and rested in front of the fireplace for a bit.

We laid down and rested until our stomachs were growling. Then we put on nice clothes and headed out to Chelly’s to stuff our faces with a late dinner. After dinner we got some drinks at the Corner and then headed home. We spent the night playing games in front of the fireplace and then slept in Sunday morning.

We cleaned up all the hike supplies we had left all over the house and made some great breakfast burritos and then went to pick up the truck. It was snowing pretty hard.


We went to Walmart and got a few things and Granny Donna called so we went to pick up the girls. Then we ran a few more errands. The girls were tired and hungry and not interested in a crowded Sprouts store but they really enjoyed getting some feeder fish at the pet store.


(a side note: I was under-impressed with Sprouts also. Way too crowded and higher prices then I expected)

We took the girls home and Bean fell asleep on the way and then took a little nap while we put together a quick dinner. We ate dinner in the basement while watching movies and filling the fishtank with water. Then the girls took baths and went to bed. Heath watched Olympics and I tried to get to sleep early.


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