Frijoles and Fries

(frijoles:”beans” in Spanish)

The other day Heath made a big bag of dried pinto beans and we have been using them in a lot since then. We wanted to get away from Mexican food for a change and decided to make our own bean burgers last night and we tried baking our own homemade fries.


It took a long time but was fairly simple. We greased some pans and then loaded them with potatoes cut up thin, salted them and sprayed on more greese. They baked for like 45 minutes at 450F.


We also mashed the pinto beans in with some egg, flower and seasoning then formed patties and fried them up.


We topped them with turkey bacon, fried onion, pickles, and condiments.

Pumpkin helped with the silverware and setting the table.


They turned out pretty good. I felt pretty guilt free eating 2 giant ones. It took a lot longer then tossing premade patties on the grill and potatoes in the deep fryer so we let the girls play ipad while they waited on dinner.


After dinner we cleaned up the basement a bunch and then the upstairs and put the girls in bed. Heath read them book Dolly Parton sent us.

 IMG_20140211_072932Dinner had taken so long to get ready I decided to get started on tonight’s to give us more time. I got most of a big chicken pot pie ready and then read my book until bedtime. Heath watched lots of Olympics.

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