Valentine Crafts


Dinner was mostly ready but I put everything in a pie crust and then rolled out some biscuit dough real thin and put a top on my chicken pot pie and stuck it in the oven. Bean was tired so we laid her down and the rest of us went out to scrape a bit of snow on the driveway,


Heath and I scraped for a bit while Pumpkin played.


Pumpkin got cold and we got done what we needed to get done then we all came in to a perfectly cooked chicken pot pie.


It was stuffed full and really good.


Everyone ate really good but the girls were both picking through for their favorite stuff. When we were about done I noticed they had the opposite insides left on their plates so swapped the plates and gave them back.

After cleaning up a bit Heath and Pumpkin got busy on making valentines for preschool.


Bean was being a stinker and stealing their stuff and causing trouble.


So we started our own valentines craft projects.


mostly I cut out giant hearts and then she finger painted them


It was pretty fun but she is a pretty demanding artist when she gets in the zone. She colored 3 hearts and another page faster then I could cut them out.


Once she started eating the paint I moved her to the sink instead.


I had some leftover biscuit dough from dinner so I rolled it out (and ended up making a little more extra dough) and then cut some circles out of it while keeping an eye on bean.

Pumpkin loves making these into cookies and this time we tried some fruit.



We got the insides built and then put tops on them. We also made a batch of peanut-butter and chocolate chip ones.



We kept the sink monster happy by passing her blueberries.


The girls got ready for bed while they baked and then we read a book as they cooled.



I didn’t seal the edges as well on some as I should have but they tasted great.



We read another book on the kitchen floor while eating and then the girls went to bed. I did some laundry and fire building and then did some working out before getting ready for bed.

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