Still Snow


I had hoped some of the ice on the driveway would have melted yesterday but it had not. It’s warming up though so it’s only a matter of time. When we got home from school Bean and I went inside to get dinner going but Pumpkin never came in. We found her playing in the snow with no hat, gloves, coat, boots or snowpants. Heath talked her into boots, coat and hat but no pants or gloves. She road her bike on the ice for a bit and then started digging out her house so she could go in.


She was throwing the snow back on the driveway so I helped her out with a couple of big scoops with my shovel. Once it was cleared of snow she lost interest and came inside.

I had built a meatloaf the night before and Heath already had it in the toaster oven. She made some baked beans from scratch and I got some mashed potatoes/squash going. We built up the fire and got the last load of laundry out of the dryer.

Jon and Olive came over and the girls played and he fixed up a batch of super gravy. Once everything was ready we ate.

The girls were not really interested in eating and after a few bites wanted down to play more.

More meatloaf for me.

We all ate a bunch and everything was great. I really have a hard time stopping eating meatloaf. Eventually we moved it off the table and had a few brownies Jon brought. The kids played some more until it was time for baths. Just before hopping in the tub the girls said goodbye to Olive.


I worked on dishes and cleaning up and then folding laundry and watching Arrow on Netflix through the chromecast.

Heath got Bean in bed and then worked on a valentines box with Pumpkin. It turned out really nice but no picture.

Heath and I put away laundry and talked some before bed.

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