Wii Dance


Heath and the big kids had a big day having fun and no school. They saw the new Lego movie and went out to eat and who knows what else.

We all got home about the same time and made pizza. While Heath and I were cooking the kids wanted to watch tv or play ipad but they had used up all their screen time so we came to a compromise and they had to play the dancing game and be up and moving.


Heath has a hard time not dancing so before long she was shaking it too.


The kids had a pretty plain pizza but Heath and I used a lot of BBQ leftovers on ours.


It was really thick and took forever to cook but turned out really good. We got a lot of stuff done around the house and the kids had fun in the tub.


Peanuts hair is getting pretty long.


Before bed she led us in a series of exercise moves, breathing moves and stretching. I filmed some of it because I was so impressed. I need to edit it down before I post it.


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