Drake’s Sleepover


I got home a bit late Friday but we were going to a scout thing for dinner so there was no rush to feed the kids. The girls behaved well even though we didn’t get out until after bedtime. Once they were down Heath and I watched a movie and went to bed.

Saturday morning Cousin Drake came over. Heath took off and I took the 3 little ones to the park with Stephen and AJ. All the kids played pretty hard for over an hour.








While at the park I got a call and found out my Cousin Rachel and Alex had baby Helen.

We are so excited to go meet her.

The kids were pretty hungry after all that playing so we met Heath at home for lunch.


Once they were all full the little ones laid down for a nap and Heath took Pumpkin to art class.


For Christmas I got the girls a 4 week pottery class together. Pumpkin said it was pretty fun and it looks like they were doing some pretty cool stuff.


When the little ones got up and the artists got home we headed to Lakeside Nature center to check on the turtles and meet up with our friends.


Drake really likes turtles but calls them all sea turtles.




Olive met up with us and we showed her the animals



Then did some coloring and went outside for a little hike.


We had too many little legs and not enough kid backpacks so we left the hike and went to the park to let them play for a bit.

Then we headed home and got dinner cooking as everyone went from hungry to starving. Heath had made pinto beans and we squished them into burgers and cooked up a bunch to go with them. They turned out great and everyone stopped playing long enough to eat.

We had done a pretty good job wearing the kids out and Bean was first to go to bed. Then we put on a movie and got everyone in pajamas. We put on a movie and made a little couch bed.


The kids watched the movie and then Olive went home and the everyone went to bed really well. Heath and I stayed up late watching movies.

Sunday we got up and ate cereal took baths and then Drake went home.


We did several work out videos, took showers and then took the girls to Cousin Ruth’s house. Heath and I went to a parenting class on discipline and then headed back to pick up the girls.

Everyone was pretty tired but we put forth some extra effort and made a great Chinese feast for dinner. We ate a bunch, put on pajamas and hung on the couch reading books and watching Bob’s burgers until bedtime.



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