Scary Cat


I’m going to blame my missing post yesterday on being rushed through my day so I could join Pumpkin for an art class in the afternoon.


It was at her preschool and done by some people from the Nelson. They came and talked to the kids about colors and read them The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Pumpkin surprised the leaders by telling them all the colors in English and Spanish.  Then we worked with some clay stuff.


They gave the kids three balls of primary colors and had them mix them together to make 6 colors then put those together to make a caterpillar.


Then we smashed the caterpillar into a butterfly. It turned out really cool and is supposed to harden overnight. Pumpkin has been talking about what colors make what when mixed ever since.

After clay we moved to painting. We watched the leader do it


Then we squeezed 3 squirts of each color on our papers and then folded them in half and squished them together. When we opened them up we had another butterfly.


After painting Pumpkin’s group worked on a colorful puzzle. Then it ended and we picked up Bean from school and Heath from work and went home to make dinner. Heath’s been on a Weight Watchers phase so we have been aiming for low point meals. Last night we made loaded baked potatoes.


They were really good and filling. The kids had sweet potatoes and a few chicken fries.


We’ve ran lots of loads of laundry through and cleaned up the kitchen. The girls had made a big fort while we cooked dinner so they picked all that up and then we made pancake cookies while Heath ran an errand.



It was fun but the kids were being a little crazy and messy and driving me a little crazy. We sandwiched the cookies around chocolate and then the girls topped them.


Then I tossed them in the tub and cleaned up our mess and the rest of the kitchen. Heath and I got the kids clean and then let them have their snack.

The chocolate melted out so I scooped it on top.


After they ate we did stories and books and teeth brushing before they went to bed. Once they were down we put on Breaking Bad and I lifted some weights while watching and then we went to bed.

Oh and for some reason Bean was wearing the cat costume for part of the night. She was pants-less most of the night because she is working on potty in the pot.

Also the night before I worked on the cars, changing oil and filters and stuff.


And we had some noodle stuff for dinner.



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