Heath picked up Pumpkin and I picked up Bean and we all met at the playroom for some fun. Heath had gone to preschool to help out with their pizza shop project. She helped the kids make mini pizzas and got to watch part of their daily circle time.


Bean and I got there first and started with the megablocks. She was not that into it but kept me fed with plastic food as I worked on making a person. Pumpkin got there at the end and was excited to help and take a picture at the end. Our little person actually stood for a long time before a little monster destroyed it.

Pumpkin was motivated for an art project and started with glob of glue on a page.


I joined her and mostly played with the scisors that cut zig zags. We both worked until our pictures came together and surprisingly we ended up on similar ideas. She made a fly and I made a bee. IMG_20140227_172840.jpg

We had lots more fun building things and playing. There was an obstacle course.


and some horse races.


and lots of knocking stuff down.


We all worked up giant appetites and headed home. I had made a lasagna the night before and put it in the toaster oven before the playroom so it was ready to go when we got home. We all dug right in and it was good. Bean had 3 big helpings and probably ate more then Heath. The rest of us cleaned our plates and then I gave the kids some yogurt and leftover pancake cookies.

The rest of the night we read books and cleaned up and random things. I worked on the garage door opener a bit and then when the kids went to bed Heath went to meet her mom for a bit and I folded a bunch of laundry and put it away while watching A Fistful of Dollars.

I was pretty tired and once the laundry and movie were done I got ready for bed. Heath joined me shortly after.

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