Lots of Crafts


On Friday after work the Sanders came over to play. The mom’s went out for a quick happy hour drink and the dads cooked up pizzas.


The kids just ran around crazy a bit. Pumpkin ran right into a door and got a big bump on her head. Everyone calmed down and then sat down to eat pizza and watch a show.


The mom’s came home and ate with us and we played games and eventually put the kids to bed and had a great sleepover.

In the morning we all slept in great and then we had a quick breakfast. Alli went off to Dance class and Pumpkin and I went to Home Depot.


We got our kids workshop package and got right to work. She had 6 screws to put in and 4 nails to hammer down.


She did the screws by herself and I got the nails started then held the Trojan horse bank while she pounded them in. Then we went strait to the pink paint.


I thought we would end up all pink but she wanted to use all the colors.



Once the horse was done being painted we picked up a pin and some stickers to put on once the paint dried and we headed home.


Heath took a little nap and the girls and I ate some more breakfast and messed around the house. Then Pumpkin and Heath got cleaned up and went to pottery class.


They have not brought home anything but it sounds like they are making some cool stuff.



We were all pretty tired from staying up to late the night before so when the girls got home we ate some soup and then everyone laid down for naps and slept good.  Once up I made another soup and we ate it for dinner.


We watched movies all night and waited for the snow.

Sunday Pumpkin worked on letters and words by writing in sand.


We did some house cleaning and poking around but we were not ready to be snowed in so decided to bundle up good and run a few errands. Big Lots had a 20% off everything sale and we got a few things and then we went by Aldi and filled the fridge with fruits and veggies. We ate a quick lunch and then the girls laid down for naps and Heath and I went outside to shovel snow.


It was really cold but the snow came up pretty easy.


The girls slept a while longer and I got showered and cleaned up and started working on dinner. Pumpkin played the drums.


She had so much fun that Bean had to join in.


I cooked a big dinner and we watched some of 101 Dalmatians while eating. Then we went to bed.

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