Baby Helen


I had more good pictures from last night but grabbed the wrong laptop and camera card so we only have cell phone shots but our new Cousin Helen is exciting enough that I’ll show you the rest tomorrow.

Yesterday Heath and the girls were snowed out of school so they went to the library.

IMG_20140303_101428850.jpg  IMG_20140303_104825902.jpg

They played and colored and listened to stories. Once home they had mac and cheese and took baths.


They also got bags of baby clothes together and made a big crock pot of chili.

When I got home we grabbed the chili and the clothes and headed to Rachel, Alex and Helen’s house. The kids played with toys and we played with the baby. We ate dinner and dessert and played with the baby.

Then we headed home and got our girls ready for bed.

Once they were down Heath and I did 5 minutes of exercise then dug in on the couch and watched the end of Breaking Bad. We had to stack 3 episodes in 1 night and stay up past bedtime but finally we are finished.

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