Warming Up


Friday I got out of work just as Heath was driving home from the food truck. We decided instead to pick up the kids and have a few drinks at Waldo Pizza. We met up with some friends and got the girls a little pizza and ordered a couple sampler flights of beer.

After our beers we were getting hungry so headed home to make our own pizza. Jon, Briana, Olive and James all came with us. While we cooked the kids played and watched Aladdin.


We all got to bed too late. In the morning Heath headed out to Peanuts soccer game and the girls and I got busy cleaning up.


We cleaned and built up the fire and baked some black bean brownies and other stuff around the house. After soccer Heath went to a work thing and then from there to Pottery class. I took Pumpkin to the class and met up with her there.


Bean and I went home and worked on the woodpile for a while and then started parts of dinner. I laid her down just before the other girls got home. We had warm brownies and ice cream and then they laid down for a nap.

I went after a craigslist wood load in Overland Park. When I got there the guy told me he needed to get rid of all the wood because the dump was closed. He offered to bring a dump truck load to my house.


I loaded my truck up and then helped fill the dump truck. They brought it over and placed it right at the end of my area.


Once they were gone I backed up and unloaded the truck.


most of the chunks were too long for my stove so I cut them in half with the saw.

It was getting pretty late but I split a few open just to see how troublesome they would be. (not bad so far)

Once I was cleaned up Lily and I made a batch of soup and some spicy slaw. Heath and Pumpkin got up just in time for dinner.


We ate dinner and then had more brownies. The girls played for a bit and then were ready for bed. Jon stopped by to hang out for a bit and then we went to bed. In the morning I rushed to pack up the van and make some healthy fruity pancakes. Once everyone was awake we rushed off to swope park. I had found some new trails online and was excited to check them out. When we got there they were closed from being too wet. Instead we parked and grabbed a picnic table.


We had a fun picnic but it was still a bit cold out. We decided to climb a nearby hill and have a look around.



It was a short but pretty strenuous climb. The view was not great from the top but there was some fun rocks to climb around.


We played around a bit and then headed back down in a different area.


We were about out of time so rushed home and got showers and lunches packed. Then we went to my mom’s house. Heath and I ate a bite real quick then left the kids and went to a parenting class. After class we went back to get the kids and ended up helping mom clean out some stuff in the basement. I ended up loading a bunch of my old things into the van.

On the way home we went to Costco and then started working on dinner.

It was so nice out, while dinner was cooking, I cut more wood, Heath cleaned out the van in the driveway and the girls played in my old wagon that we got from mom.



It was pretty late for dinner when we headed back inside. We were not ready to be inside so we moved everything to the deck for the first time in a long time.


After dinner we were still excited about the wagon and went for a quick walk with it.  IMG_20140309_190353

Once home we put the kids in the tub and then read to them and got them in bed. It seemed an hour too early and light out so everyone had a bit of trouble getting to sleep. Heath and I went through a bunch of boxes of stuff from my mom’s house and then she buzzed some hair off the top of my head and a tiny bit off the sides of my beard.

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