Another Picnic Hike


Heath got home first and got a few things ready for a picnic. I’d made burritos and a big salad before work and once we were loaded up we headed to the park. We were worried about mud so went to the asphalt trail in Leawood. We tossed the food and girls in the backpacks and started hiking with a little snack on the way.


We hiked about a mile and then found a nice picnic table in a good spot. We sat down and broke out the food. Everyone was hungry and happy to eat dinner.




After dinner we packed up our stuff and hiked on. We headed back but took the longer more scenic way. We passed the van and went over to the park and let the girls run around and have fun. Pumpkin sold us fake ice cream and ice tea and we payed with imaginary money.

We headed home and were again reluctant to go in the house. I got the saw out and cut up some firewood and the girls played and dug the leaves out of a drain in the driveway.

We went in and got the girls ready for bed. Heath and I got out the dehydrator, cutting boards and knives and worked on filling it up.


Once it was full we did some stretching and abs workouts then got cleaned up and ready for bed. This morning things were looking pretty good.




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