Lily’s 2nd Birthday Breakfast in Bed


Today’s is Bean’s birthday so Heath and I got a special breakfast made.


Then we brought it into the girls room and woke them up.



Bean was interested and happy right away, Pumpkin took her time getting going.  She didn’t even help us sing the birthday song. We tried to get bean to blow out the candles but she could not figure it out so Pumpkin got up and helped.


Everyone ate really well and cleaned their plates for the most part. The girls had turkey sausage, yogurt w/ blueberries, wholegrain waffel w/ peanut butter and dried cranberries and 1 mini pumpkin chocolate chip cupcake.



We took another 30 of the cupcakes to daycare for Bean to share with her friends today. They were pretty excited when we came in and the teacher started singing the birthday song again.

Last night it was still warm out when we got home. Bean and I got dinner together real quick while Heath and Pumpkin finished birthday shopping.

It was so nice out we decided to picnic and grill again.


We ate dinner pretty quick then grabbed Pumpkin’s bike and Beans jogging stroller and went for a jog/stroll/ride. The wind picked up and it got cool and looked like rain so we didn’t go far but Pumpkin got some good practice in on her bike. We got the girls a little treat on the way home.


I spent most of the rest of the night cooking and Heath worked on the computer but we also got the girls bathed and read to and in bed. All the dehydrated stuff was done.


So I put the fruit in a bag.


and mixed the veggies into little premade meal packets that I prepared. I also wanted to make treats for Bean’s friends but I kept running into missing ingredients. I ended up finding a recipe that was super easy, quick and tastes great. 1 can of pumpkin, 1 box of cake mix and 1 bag of chocolate chips all mixed together and baked at 350F for 20 min. I put ours into mini cupcakes because I did not trust myself to make 30 the same size otherwise.


The cake mix i used was a leftover halloween one with orange and black sprinkles in it. So the color was a bit strange but they taste really good and fluffy and I ended up with like 40 something.


I also put together a special birthday meatloaf with some of Bean’s favorites in it.


It’s going to sit in the crock pot today and be ready to be iced with mashed potatoes tonight. Oh yeah I made a batch of mashed sweet potatoes too.

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