I’m 2


I took off part of the afternoon yesterday to take the girls to the Nelson Atkins art class at Pumpkin’s school.


Bean got up early from a nap to come with us this time. The kids started out in a big circle listening to a Dr. Seuss book on shapes. Then we got to use shapes to make faces. Bean and I went pretty abstract with our shapes and face.


She really just wanted to pound gluestick into the paper.


Pumpkin decided to cut lots of orange hair and glue it all around the face.


When she ran out of room on the head her drawing became me and she cut a big orange beard for me. Once our faces were ready we went back to the circle to listen to another book.


This one was about a snake going on a trip or something. The project was to draw a dot and then make a line from that dot and show the trip the dot takes around the page. When the dot gets back to wear it started you have a new shape.

Heath showed up and took Bean to go play so Pumpkin and I worked together. Her dot had a crazy trip.


When it got back to the beginning it had made a dinosaur dragon thing. So she make eyes and more orange hair.


Eventually some birtds showed up in a tree then a worm for them to eat and she even made a sun.


We were out of time when this project was over so I rushed back to work to take care of something real quick and then took the girls to tower park.


It was nice and sunny but there was a strong cold wind. We had the park to ourselves and played everything.



Then we got starving and headed home for dinner. I had a meatloaf in the crock pot and it was cooked but not as good as baked. I warmed up some mashed squash and sweet potato icing and baked the whole thing for a bit then we lit some candles and served it up.


We sang the birthday song and then encouraged Bean to blow out the candles.


At first she was hesitant and then she tried. She got the flames to move around some but not go out so we helped her and then cut into the meat cake.


She loved it.


She ate a bunch but Pumpkin did not eat well. We assured her it was stuff she liked but she didn’t eat nearly as much as she did on her 2nd birthday.


After dinner we cleaned up and stayed in our seats for a few presents.




Her favorite were some new boots just like Pumpkin wears


After dinner we had to be a little productive. We went to the library and the kids played some and picked out books and I got some audio books I had on hold.


Then we went to Aldi and got to witness the results of the short nap. We rushed the crabby kids around and through the store and then surprised them with 1 last birthday treat.




After ice-cream we were really worn out so headed home and to bed. Pumpkin Heath and I all took separate parts and told the story of the 3 little pigs to Bean before bed.

Heath and I felt ready for bed but had a really messy kitchen and a few food projects to finish up before bed. We got some homemade pico made, some chicken stock and more black bean brownies, plus all the dishes.


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