Date Night: Scotch

IMG_20140313_180618091.jpgWe got all the kids and headed home then we sent them next door to play with AJ. Heath and I shared a home-brew and then started walking. We walked 1/2 mile up the street to Never on Sunday. We got gyros and Greek salads and it was really good and hit the spot. Once our plates were clean we walked across the parking lot to Gomers.

We screwed around the store for a bit picking out beers to try someday and then the Scotch tasting began. We had registered for it several weeks before and it just happened to work out great for a date night. We sat down to spots with 9 little shots of scotch and 1 bigger shot. We had 2 glasses, some water and some paperwork about how scotch is made, where these scotches were from and the prices.


The tasting began and we started sipping on the big blended whiskey. The guy leading the tasting did a great job explaining the process and where flavors come from and all sorts of cool stuff. Then we broke into the good stuff.



For the most part we tried them in pairs and usually there was a small different between the pairs like longer aging or different barrels. About half way through we realized this was a lot of scotch but we powered through to the end.


We both had a lot of fun and I really liked a few of the scotches. Heath drank them but didn’t really care for scotch. We decided to get a 6 pack and go home to get the kids.

We hung out with Stephen and Becky for a few minutes and then headed home. We all told a story together of the 3 billy goats and the girls went to bed. We watched the old True Grit with Peanut until his bedtime then we all went to sleep.

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