Happy St. Patrick’s Day


Friday we didn’t have a lot on the agenda. We made a super hearty chicken noodle soup for dinner and then got the kids ready and planned to walk down the street to the dollar general to let all the kids pick out some sunglasses. Just as we left the house Heath got a text from a neighbor down the street inviting us to a backyard birthday party. So we headed that way instead.

It was really nice outside and there were lots of kids and snacks and beers so everyone was happy. The kids had pizza and cake and played a bunch but eventually got tired and so we took them home and put them to bed.

In the morning we all slept in then Heath took Peanut to meet up with her mom so she could take him to Branson for the weekend. The girls and I did lots of cleaning and laundry and stuff. We ate lunch at noon and then I laid Bean down for a nap and Heath took Pumpkin to pottery class. It was their last session and they brought home some of their stuff


While they were at class I got Bean up from nap and we got on our green and loaded up the van. Stephen, Becky and AJ got in and we headed to Brookside. We met up with Jon, Briana and Olive at the Brooksider and had a drink and some snacks then made out way out to the parade to claim our spot.


Heath’s brother James and eventually Heath and Pumpkin joined us.


Then the parade started.


Bean had a great seat on my back and waved at everyone for a long time.


It was a long parade with a lot of people marching by.




Eventually the parade ended and we all headed home. Derrick, Bobbie and their kids were at the parade in a different spot and headed to our house too and the Sanders came by. We hung out on the deck for a while.


We grilled some burgers for dinner.


and the kids played.



Eventually all our friends went home and we got the girls in bed. Heath and I watched a bit of a movie but got tired and went to sleep.

We all slept in real good the next day then got busy with lots of laundry and work around the house. Eventually we did a little shopping and an old friend of Heath came by for dinner.

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