The Drive: Spring Break Monday


I picked up the girls and rushed home to knock off the last couple todo items on the list. Heath was trying to get a quick nap in when we got home but I don’t think it worked. The two little vultures circled me asking for food and trying to sneak some away as I loaded the cooler up. I fixed them up little sandwiches. Heath got up and we tossed the last of the gear in the van, made everyone pee and headed out.

Peanut was on his way home from Branson so we met up with him at a gas station and then we were really off. We snacked in the car a bit and the girls had good naps. We checked mcdonalds website and found a playplace in Topeka but once there it was not a playplace. We drove on to Junction City. Mcdonalds told us this was the next playplace but once there it was also just a regular one. The girls were still sleeping so we were going to continue on but they woke on the exit ramp so we stopped and got the kids some food. Heath and I split a sub from Subway across the street.

After eating the kids watched Frozen on the laptop. I rested and Heath drove. After the movie we tried to make everyone go to sleep but they were being troublemakers. Eventually Heath had a quiet car and we all snoozed as she giggled to Pandora raw comedy. I woke up at 1am and felt pretty good. We filled up on gas and traded spaces. I was all ready to listen to the audio book of my Sword of Truth series only to find the battery dead.

I grabbed Adam Corrolola’s “Not Taco Bell Material” from the library app instead. I rolled the clock back to midnight and hit the road. It started out really windy and then it got a bit snowy. The snow got deeper and deeper and coming down harder and harder. I was going about 40 MPH and zipping past semi trucks pretty regularly. The mountain drive was very stimulating and fun but I was concerned about the slow speed or finding highway 70 closed at some point.

Eventually the snow got lighter and lighter and then was gone. I exited just short of Grand Junction, CO just before my blatter was about to burst. I gassed up the van and continued on. After crossing the Utah border I had 40 minutes on 70 before turning off and heading down toward Moab. This is when I started to feel sleepy. I was so close and really wanted to be looking at a big rock when the sunrise came I decided to skip a power nap and drive on. Just before Moab I turned off into Arches National Park.


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