Dinosaur Spring Break Sunday


I should warn you first that we took nearly 1,000 pictures on this trip and by this last day we were kind of done and just enjoyed the day w/out the camera strap around by sunburned neck. I was not sure if we were allowed to bring in the good camera or not and ended up leaving it in my backpack all day. Museum light is not great for cell phone pictures.

We slept in really well. I got up first and worked on the comptuter some. We went from cabin internet speeds of almost 1 down, 1/4 up

to about 20 down and 11 up. So it was nice to have good internet again.

There was so much to get done I could not help but start cleaning up after about an hour of getting up. Then Peanut got up and not long after everyone else. We worked over our food tub and cooler for breakfast leftovers to lighten our load on the way back. We packed up a lunch backpack and then cleaned up the place.

We really liked this cheep condo so left it really nice in hopes we can stay again next time we are going through. Once the van was all loaded up we headed to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.


This place was huge and we were interested in everything we expected to keep the kids entertained for 2 hours but hoped for 3 hours. We were there for over 4.5 hours before our legs gave out.

It has 3 stories of dinosaurs, wildlife, space, health, birds, native americans, bugs, etc. We mostly went for the dinosaurs.







They actually had a lab you could watch them clearing our dirt around real fossils. There were several areas set aside just for the little ones.

space rocks


dinosaur books break


pioleting a space shuttle



hissing cockroach petting



digging for plastic fossils




pirate health show


rock wall


and there was a big discovery room full of great toys



There were a lot of displays of animals and birds and mummies but we were so busy chasing Bean and keeping her from climbing in we didn’t get many pictures.



We did take a break for lunch ans saved some money by working over our leftover food tub from the hikes.



It was getting late and we were pretty worn out but we had not seen several areas. We picked a few and rushed through then on our way out the door and to the car.


Bean didn’t make it out of the parkinglot.


We had about a 30 minute drive to our favorite Mexican place just outside of Denver on 70. This was our 4th stop at the Coronas Mexican. The plan was to let Bean sleep and get gas and let the big kids play at the playground but she woke up as we exited the highway so we went strait to early dinner.


It was like 4:30 and everyone ate a great dinner. then Heath dropped us at the nearby park to play for a bit while she got gas in the van.


Then we hit the road for the 8hrs home. Heath started driving and I passed out immediately with a tummy full of chili relenos. I woke up an hour or so later and took the 2nd 4hr shift driving home. I listened to the audio book of my Sword of Truth series the whole drive and it went really easy. We got home just after 3am and stuck all the kiddos in bed and then we climbed into our bed and got a few hours of sleep before work and school.

The End
of Spring Break and another awesome ThePrewitt vacation.

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