Weather The Storm Spring Break Saturday


I got up first and worked on my blog posts. Heath was next and went to the cafeteria to load up on breakfast before the good stuff was gone. Peanut and Pumpkin slowly woke over disagreements of who stole the blankets but then quieted back down. Once all the kids were up we headed to get breakfast with 20 minutes to spare. It was pretty good for included, we had waffles, cereal, bagels, donuts, fruit and coffee.

The pool was not officially open yet but they let us in so we swam some more. Peanut made a friend to play marco polo and the girls jumped in to us over and over.


We wanted to get going as the news said weather across the mountains was not going to be good and we wanted to have fun in Denver. We showered and packed up and loaded the van in a rain/snow mix that blurred out our mountain view.


It was a 3hr drive to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science under normal circumstances. The snowstorm really slowed things down. We were still moving along okay for the most part until we started seeing the signs telling us there was an accident in a big tunnel and 70 was closed. We found an alternate route and got ready to go that way and then found a brewery right off the exit.


So we decided to stop at the Dillion Dam Brewery for a bite and a drink.


This really slowed us down but all the food and drinks were really good.



We figured out at this pace we would be pretty late getting to the museum and not have much time there. We thought about skipping the museum and driving through but instead got wrapped up in the excitement of the vacation and snow and all and decided to extend the trip a day. We started looking for places to stay on and and found a great 3bedroom condo in Denver.


We decided to stay in and make elk burgers, have some Colorado Beers and let the kids watch movies and relax. It was a lot of fun.

 IMG_9928 (3)
Complimentary elk burgers from the owner, beans and corn, fries,and ramen.

 IMG_9929 (3)
Pumpkin’s room. She was obsessed with the whiteboard


Bean running around w/ no pants

 IMG_9933 (3)

Heath helping me out in the full kitchen

 IMG_9932 (3)


 IMG_9936 (3)

Cleaning up after dinner

 IMG_9934 (3)

Somehow I didn’t get a picture of Peanuts room or the girls in the giant tub and the picture of our room w/ the really comfy king size bed and private bath is hard to see.


We stayed up late watching Goonies and the snow fall out the window and working on a sampler box of Colorado Beer. The condo had a community outdoor heated pool that we planned to go to but never made it.

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  1. Becky says:

    We have the same white board. I will have to make sure it is white board side out next date night. Sounds like it will be easy entertainment.

    Also, the condo looks amazing. You really lucked out!

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