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Friday we made a big pan of really tasty stir fry in an orange sauce. While it was cooking we ran some errands and pretended to treat the kids by letting them look at the pets at the pet store. Somehow we bought some fish without them realizing it.


We ate dinner and worked on getting things ready for Bean’s birthday party. We made beans




cookie cake


And worked on getting games and stuff together.


We had made some really good process before bed. In the morning we slept in and then headed to a Zoomobile program at Pumpkin/Heath’s school. We pet a fancy chicken and looked at a big lizard and something else I can’t remember plus the zoo people read a book and then did a craft project drawing giraffes.


All three kids had fun. Since they were in a coloring mindset, once home I got them started on a birthday sign.

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Heath and I made them lunch and fed them and then we all really got busy getting ready for the party.

 IMG_9955 (3)

Peanut and Pumpkin came up with activites for the kids to do

 IMG_9941 (3)

 IMG_9943 (4)

Then we decorated the house and cake

 IMG_9939 (4)

Bean took a good nap and then we got her ready for the party.

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Shortly later our guests started showing and the party started.

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Right away we had the kids games. Pumpkin led us in some jumping, kicking, stretching stuff.

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She really likes the idea of people doing what she says. Then Peanut had his fishing game.

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 IMG_9974 (2)

The kids got some prizes and after fishing we ate.

 IMG_9994 (3)

We had lots of good tacos and stuff and then Bean opened presents.

 IMG_0002 (3)

 IMG_9996 (3)

 IMG_0013 (3)She did a great job opening the presents and was excited to show them off.


 IMG_0031 (3)

 IMG_0042 (2)

We almost forgot the last present but Heath remembered just before we got out the cake. We got all the kids ready.

 IMG_0045 (2)

and then uncovered the fishtank and new fish.

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It was a hit. We sang happy birthday twice and Bean loved it and blew out the candle both times.

 IMG_0052 (2)


Then we ate cake and it was awesome.

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That was all we had planned and after this Heath and I could relax and the kids could play with the new toys. After a while the kids got worn out and just wanted to watch a movie.

 IMG_0067 (2)

so we set them up with a fort

 IMG_0072 (2)

The adults/big kids got a game started and had a lot of fun too.

 IMG_0070 (2)

We all partied on late into the night until all the cookie cake was gone.

In the morning I got an early start at the hardware store and then got busy cutting up the tree that fell in Stephen’s yard.


after getting most of it cleared out we cut down another tree


Between the 2 of them there was a lot of brush so Stephen and Becky got a fire going and started burning brush.



I got 3 loads of wood out and I didn’t even get into the biggest section of trunk yet. At lunchtime Kelly brought Drake over and we burned some of the brush and cooked on it while the kids played in the drive.

 IMG_9940 (2)

 IMG_9938 (3)

Once lunch was ready we went inside to eat and then decided to go to the park.

 IMG_9953 (3)

The kids played a bunch and had a great time.

 IMG_9946 (3)

Jon brought over his girls and they joined in.

 IMG_9956 (2)

Everyone got pretty tired so we headed home for naps. Once the girls were asleep Peanut and I got the burn barrel loaded up. I split some wood and cut some more up with the saw and then we played baseball and soccer some.


Heath had gone to a shower but came home and the girls got up and we all played outside while burning brush.


Jon came by and picked me up and we headed off to pickup a new car he bought. Heath took the kids in to feed and clean them and get them in bed. Jon and I went to Eudora and picked up this monster.


We drove it home and then I went home and ate some dinner and got out the clippers. I stuck on the #2 and buzzed my head and part of my face. Then I pulled off the guard and did some more of my face.


Heath really wanted me to stop at this point but I figured I would be arrested on charges of being a pirate so I trimmed the rest down to a #4.


I thought it looked great but no one in the house seemed to recognize me or enjoy seeing the rest of my face. I took a shower and shaved with a razor and Heath and I watched a bit of tv before bed.







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