The Comunity Garden Begins


We had a lot of leftovers from the weekend in the fridge and we were in a hurry so we just warmed up stuff and started setting the table on the deck. It was kind of windy but too nice not to eat outside. Once done with dinner we got on our gardening clothes and headed to Heath/Pumpkin’s school. We dropped Heath by her office then the kids and I went over to the playground.



Eventually Heath came out w/ some co workers and more families showed up and we got busy.


We carried some bags of mulch over to the 2 PAT raised beds and then the kids helped mix it in. Once the soil was in good shape we got out the seeds and little plants. Our family started out on lettuce and spinach.


Once we had 12 of each planted we moved on to seads. First we made rows across the bed then Bean and Heath did pea plants.


While Pumpkin and I did radish plants.


Peanut made a friend and left the beds to play. It was crazy windy out and made it a little tough to plant but we stuck out there and got the beds filled. The girls were pretty tired and we were heading out but once the watering hose came out they got interested again.


They helped give all the seeds and plants a drink and then we headed home. Once home it was time for pajamas, books, teeth brushing, stories and bed. Once the girls were all down Heath and I headed downstairs. She cleaned up the fish tank supplies we had gotten out and the kitchen and I worked on a few remaining bolts holding the rods in our Foosball table.

We are trying to make the table take up less space and may turn it into giant checkers for a while but I need to get the rods out first. There are a few stuck stripped out bolts that are holding things up. I worked for quite a while with my drill, hammer and a screw extractor.

You drill a little hole into the screw/bolt and then pound this thing in. Then as you turn this out it digs into the screw harder but the screw backs itself out. Drilling the holes was the time consuming part.

I got 3 of the last 7 bolts out before it was time to get ready for bed. Heath and Peanut read there book for a bit and I read mine and then we all went to sleep.

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