A Short Night


I worked late and dinner was cooked, ate and over and the the kids were playing outside by the time I got home. Heath and Grant jumped in the van and raced off to soccer practice and I played in the yard with the girls a few minutes.


Pumpkin mostly climbed in the tree but after I looked into the burn barrel to see if anything was left she did too. She got a little soot on her face.


Bean wanted to look too but we learned our lesson. We played until my stomach was going crazy then we went in and I stuck the girls in the tub and cleared off their dinner plates. Then I made my own plate. Heath had grilled salmon, eggplant and sweet potatoes and made some sort of salsa stuff that was really good.

I brought the girls some jello to eat in the tub and then washed them good. We got on pajamas and then read some books. Both the girls sat in my lap and we read through 4 books together and then made up a story about some bears and salmon and stuff.

Heath and Peanut got home and he hopped in the shower and we got busy cleaning, mostly in the basement and garage. We got everything looking good and then headed upstairs. I ate a bowl of cereal and got ready for bed. Heath unpacked from Moab and joined me.


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