Last Art Class


I left work early to take Pumpkin to her last art class through the Nelson. The theme of this class was texture. They read us a book and talked about the way different things feel like, feather, hair, sandpaper etc. Then each kid got a paper bag full of things. They got to feel around and talk about the texture.


Then we got out the glue and pulled out the items and stuck them to paper.


We ended up with a nice page.


Then we watched a demonstration on painting without brushes or fingers and then we got to do it.


She used several unusual things to make her painting and really liked mixing colors up with different things.


After class we went to get Bean and then we went to get Peanut and then we met up with Heath at home. We made a quick dinner and ate spaghetti and then took the kids to run around a playplace for a while.


Then we picked up some groceries and headed home. We got the kids in bed and Heath did more unpacking and cleaning in our room while I packed up a picknick dinner for today and made my lunch for today. I’m about to finish the Sword of Truth book series so once done I just got busy reading until bed.


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