Opening Day


I didn’t get a post in on Friday because I was not at my office all day. I was busy working though.


Once again we had a broadcast from the diamond club before the game.


Everything went really well we got set up in plenty of time and things went perfectly.

 IMG_9981 (2)

After the show we packed up and headed down to the field to check things out.


It was fairly cold and windy so after wandering around for a while we headed up the press booth. I worked for the rest of the day from the booth.

 IMG_9996 (2)

Here is my view.

 IMG_9997 (3)


Durring the exciting stuff I went right up to the window and took pictures.

 PANO_20140404_135515 - Copy_edited

 IMG_9989 (2)

Or ate off the buffet.


It was a great day but I had to leave before the end of the game to get the girls from daycare. I had promissed them special dinner since they got left at daycare so long so we went strait to Culvers.


After their meals we got icecream and took it home.


Then we all got to bed early. I got up at 5 the next morning, got ready and came into work for our fund raiser. I did regular work keeping the drive running for 3 hours and then did 3 hours of volunteer phone answering. At the end I grabbed a sandwich and rushed out. Heath had to work the food truck and had taken the girls to my moms. I picked them up and we headed off to a birthday party.


They had a lot of fun playing games and working on crafts with all the kids.



They loved the treats too.


We met up with Heath when she got home and Bean slept in the car for a few. Then our friends came over for dinner. We made pizza and ate and hung out a while. Then the kids put on pajamas and watched frozen.

 IMG_0001 (3)

While they were watching we got a game of spades going.


Eventually the kids went to bed and we played on late into the night. In the morning I made a big savory oats breakfast and then we went to Peanuts soccer game.

 IMG_0006 (2)


He had a great game


It was a little chilly on the sidelines


His team won 5-4. After the game we headed home and had a quick lunch then everyone took naps. Well everyone but Pumpkin. I got up from my nap a bit early and took her to the store. We got some groceries and killed some time at the library and let the others sleep.

Once home we all got busy cleaning the house and getting a nice dinner going. Pumpkin had picked up some groceries for dinner and I cooked up a great meal. After dinner the kids and I took showers and got cleaned up and in pajamas. We read a bunch from the new books and then got to bed early so I could get up at 5 and head right in to work the drive again.












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