Burger On Cinco De Mayo?


That’s no burger that’s a torta. .
So last post I mentioned we got a lot of free buns. We really have a lot, we filled the deep freeze, basement freezer and upstairs freezer. I feel the need to use them so last night we made sandwiches. I don’t think they were authentic at all but I did smash them as they cooked.


They had a bunch of beans, veggies, cheese and sausage in there. They were pretty filling and very tasty.


Once done with dinner we headed to the basement to clean up. We have giant storage shelves that are overrun with our junk. It was time to clean them up. The kids watched shows and played with toys they don’t see very often and Heath and I got piles ready for big trash pickup, regular trash and keep or move or donate.

The shelves looked pretty great when we finished but the basement is full of all the stuff and much of it needs to go back on the shelves. I expect we will keep working on it for a few more days.

Maybe I’ll take a picture for you.





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