Daughters and Dad Campout


We had done a little bit of packing and once done with work and school Friday we tossed a bunch of stuff in the van and headed out. Heath was working most of the night and early Saturday so the girls and I were off to have our own fun. I created a “Let it go” Pandora station and we drove out to Watkins Mill.


Even in rush hour it was under an hour drive. We drove right to the spot I had picked out online and found it empty so we took it.

There was a 4yr old girl in a campsite 2 over from us and the girls made friends right away.


I added to their contentment by cutting up a watermelon.


Then I quickly got the tent up and the fire started.



Our new friends parents were having trouble with their tent and asked me for some help so we got them set up and then loaded up the fire with dinner.


I went really simple, with hot dogs, baked beans, watermelon and cheese puffs.

Then we ate. It was really good


We ate up all the hot dogs and all the beans.


So we headed over the playground and let the kids play until dark. Then we went back to our site and built up the fire, bundled up and lit the lantern. Then we got out dessert.


Somehow nothing caught on fire or went wrong at all.


We ended up with just enough great smores.


The rest of our night was relaxing and getting ready for bed. We sat in chairs by the fire and told some stories and read a book by lantern light. Then all 3 of us went to bed. Immediately the racoons moved in so I jumped out of the tent and piled our food up to keep them out.

Everyone fell asleep and had a good night. We slept from 9:30pm to 7:30am before the kids got up. Once up we boiled water for oatmeal and ate some manderan oranges and yogurt.


The kids did some coloring.


Then I unloaded the bike and trailer and we went for a ride.


I pulled the kids 3.75 miles around the lake. Then we played at the playground some more.


It was getting hot and late so we packed up the tent and the van and headed out.


Bean slept on the way home and Pumpkin sang Disney songs. Just before we got to the house we stopped at home depot to work on a super secret Mothers-day gift.


It was super scary but I kept all my fingers.



Once home I made some quick PB&J sandwiches and then laid the girls down for naps. They both slept the next 3 hours. I could have used a nap too but instead I got productive in the yard. Mostly I got sunburned but also mowed, raked, split, cut and even did a bit more painting.

Heath came home and the girls got up and we headed over to the Sanders for a BBQ.





We ate burgers and played and had some fun. We came home and put the kids in bed and Heath went to pick up Grandam Jenni from the airport.

In the morning I cooked a big breakfast and we hung out a bit and then Heath, Grandma and Pumpkin went to church. Bean took a nap and I did a few chores around the house and made a big soup for lunch.

Everyone came home and we ate lunch then got ready and headed to Peanuts soccer game.


They won the game and then we went over to Rachel and Alex’s house to see Helen and have a cupcake. Then we went to wedding shower for Heath’s cousin Jared.

We ate a bunch of Mexican food and had a pinata.




We were pretty exhausted after the party but picked up a vanload of free buns and then headed home to bed.

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