Mothersday Post


I’m way behind but there is too much good stuff to skip it all. So quickly here is Mothers-day and some other stuff we have been up to.

The night before we surprised Heath with 1 present.


Then we had a blast playing this game with the kids.


We took my mom out to BBQ and went to Peanuts soccer game and Sunday morning we cooked pancakes. We started with 3 berry filled pancakes that nearly filled the large pan.


We put them together with layers of greek vanilla yogurt and whip cream, then surrounded the cake in oranges, bacon and sausage. Then the kids decorated it.


We woke up a very asleep Heath and surprised her with breakfast in bed.


After eating she opened presents in bed,


including this sweet new shirt.


Then we got all cleaned up and dressed up and tried to take some cute pictures but they were not that cute.


We went to a baptism for 5 of Heath’s relatives and she was Godmother to two of them. We were exhausted after the reception.


Besides mothers day stuff we have been really busy cleaning out our house, basement and garage. We did a lot of organizing and cleaning and a bunch of throwing stuff away. Most of that went on the lawn for big trash pickup.



I’d rather not see all our stuff go to the dump so I posted pictures on Craigslist and everything of value got picked up before the city came. We also packed and prepped for a trip to St. Louis but I’ll post about that next. We also got away from our clean up project with trips to the park.


We planted some sunflowers and squash.


And watched the last few games of Peanut’s soccer season.


Sorry about not posting in so long but I’ve been buried in a mess of cables and other stuff.






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