St. Louis Trip


So at 6am last Thursday we headed to St. Louis with our friends Briana, Jon and Olive. Our first stop was Grant’s Farm.


We started out on the tram ride looking for animals.





Then we got inside and went to watch and Elephant show.


This show was a good break for us to have some snacks and drinks. Then we checked out some more animals.


Then we had our 2 free beers, checked out some horses, especially the Clydesdales and then headed out.


We went to a park that was just down the road and had a picknick.


Then we played a few minutes and rushed the kids off to the hotel for naps. While the kids and Heath were napping Briana and I went to tour the public radio station like ours. They have a brand new awesome station with some great stuff and we were pretty jealous. When we got back everyone was at a McDonalds Playplace running around and getting hungry. We all loaded up and headed to Schlafly taproom brewery for dinner.


The beer was great and everyone ate really well. I had a lamb burger that rocked. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and got kids in bed and got out our 2 free tickets to the City Museum.

After much debate Jon and I volunteered to go.

It was a special night for another radio station and they had like 9 stages, tons of bands, tons of beer and no kids. We spent the next several hours playing.



We climbed through tunnels, wiggled through holes, squeezed through cracks, slid down numerous slides, had a few beers and worked up a good sweat. It was really fun and I want to go back next year.

In the morning the kids got us up early and we did a bit of prep then headed to the zoo.


We got there before it opened and got free street parking right by a picnic table. We had a picnic breakfast and then headed inside. We did lots and lots of zoo stuff.






We had planned to bring our lunch into the zoo and keep going but we had seen most things and the zoo was filled with field trips so instead we went back to the picnic table by the van and ate lunch.


Then back tot he hotel and the girls all took great naps. Heath and Briana made a beer run and Jon and I watched Armageddon. Once everyone was back and awake we ate dinner.


We had a crock pot lasagna in the hotel room. It smelled and tasted great but was pretty soupy.

After dinner we packed up and rode the train to the arch.


Even though it does not look fun Pumpkin said it was the best part of the trip.


We saw the arch and took some fun pictures.




We wondered down to the river


and then up into the city.


We stopped at Morgan Street Brewery for a beer.


Then we looked for ice cream but everywhere was closed so we rode the train back and hit up the DQ right by the hotel.


The kids were beat and went to bed and we had a big bottle of wine and played one of Heath’s Mother’s day presents.

We got to bed late and the kids got us up early. We ate steel cut oats from the crock pot, packed up our stuff and headed to another brewery.


We had about a 10minute wait and then did a tour. Surprisingly the kids did great.




The tour finished at a newish biergarten.


They had great semi outdoor seating and a giant bar with 25 different Budweiser products. C360_2014-05-17-11-32-12-735



Once we had our 2 free drinks we went out for lunch at Pi Pizza.


We had some great pizza and then played on some … art


Then we drove home. The kids were exhausted but did not sleep and it was a long 4 hours. But we made it and put them to bed right after dinner.

It was a great trip and besides eating out and the train all our activities were free, Grant’s farm, zoo, Budweiser tour, and city museum (with tickets from a coworker).

We were feeling like being healthy Sunday morning when we woke up. I went for a big trail run with Berry in the morning and then we loaded the girls up and took them to the city market for a ton of veggies.


We got the girls a coconut to drink.


Then we went home and loaded up the grill and the salad bowls.



After lunch Bean took a nap and I mowed while Heath and Pumpkin went to Peanut’s soccer game. Then we cleaned up the house and unpacked our stuff. Then we cleaned up ourselves and went to a Graduation party for Heath’s cousin before bed.

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