Canoe Picnic


Yesterday morning I got the canoe all ready and the supplies and food ready and hid it for a surprise. Heath and the girls just needed to get on swimsuits and sandals after work and I got everything loaded and then we were off.

Obviously they saw the canoe and knew what was up. No one was nearly as excited as I expected Bean was kind of clueless and the others looked disappointed. I dropped them off at the river and left.


Fortunately I just parked the truck and then came right back. We all climbed in and took off. The girls sat in the middle and Heath up front.


We paddled downstream a ways to a big shallow area with flat rocks.


We explored a bit and then set up our picnic.


We had some pork, bean and cheese burritos, popcorn, yogurt, chips, crackers and giant salads.


Once done eating we played around in the water some and screwed around on our big rock. .





Then we loaded back up.



and paddled upstream a way. We passed the boat ramp and kept going to a gravel bar with a lot of rocks to throw.



We came for the rocks but we also found a bunch of frogs and crawdads and tadpoles in a warm shallow area.


We ended up putting 2 tadpoles in a big jar and taking them home.


Then we we back to the ramp and loaded up the canoe and headed home. We put the tadpoles in their new home and Heath and the girls took showers and got ready for bed. I did dishes and then worked on the cooler shelf in the garage.


It had been a giant mess of coolers and random things. Heath got the girls in bed and helped me decide what to keep and move and get rid of. Then I swept it off real good and organized everything.  We are getting rid of these 3 coolers and mini shop vac if you want one before it goes on the curb.


Heath was working on the computer and I put on sneakers and went for a run. I planned to go a mile but Berry and I got on the trail and had a hard time turning around and ended up running a lot farther.

Once home I worked on cooling off and not sweating so I could shower and go to bed.








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