3 Sweepers


Wednesday night Peanut’s soccer team had a parents verses kids soccer scrimich followed by a potluck dinner. We all went and Heath played soccer and I tried to keep the girls in line. Then we ate. It was all pretty good but Bean was crabby. After dinner Peanut came with us and we went to Aldi real quick and then home.

Once home I talked to Pops a bunch about our trip to Alaska and Heath got all the kids in bed. Last night We grilled some fish and vegetables and ate dinner on the deck. The kids ate fish really well. After dinner we had parfaits and then launched some old rotten potatoes off the deck with a waterbaloon launcher.


This was pretty fun. We also wattered our squash and sunflower seads. They are doing great and exploding in their little egg crates.


Then we headed to the library and got a few books and movies. Bean would not keep her shoes on so we left and headed back home. I had to go back into work but had a few minutes so we got started on our sandbox project.


The kids really had fun helping moving dirt and finding giant worms.


So I hope to put them to work a lot this weekend. Heath put the girls in the tub and I read them a book and washed them then gave kisses and headed to work.

I ended up working 4.5 hours and getting home way way past bed time.I ate a banana, had a glass of milk and went to bed.






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