Last Day


Yesterday was Pumpkin’s last day of school and it was just a picnic at the park. It was over lunch so I was able to meet Heath and the kids out there.


We had hotdogs and cake and a bunch of stuff.

Pumpkin’s teacher came by and gave us a portfolio of her work and talked about how good she did this year. Then Heath and the kids stayed and played a bunch and I went back to work.

When I got home we loaded up the grill.


Then we had a great meal. Once done I started mowing and Heath grabbed the kids and the rest of the butternut squash and took it to the community garden at the school.


They harvested a bunch of great stuff that grew.



and planted a bunch of the squash.


Once done with mowing the front and most of the back I did some dishes and then got after folding laundry and packing gear for a camp-out.

Heath came home, got the kids in bed and finished dishes and made the kitchen sparkle while I finished up the laundry and took a shower then we went to bed so we could get up early and get the sandbox ready for sand w/ some neighbors.




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