Still Getting Dirty


I picked up the kids and we got brinner going when we got home. Peanut helped, fry bacon, break eggs and then scramble them up. We made blueberry pancakes and 2 variations of things to mix in the end so everyone could eat some protein and veggies and be happy. Heath got home just before it was ready with fresh strawberries so we added that to the plates and headed out to the deck.

The deck has been perfect for dinner lately as the sun is in the perfect spot to give us shade. Everyone ate good.

I’ve been working everyone overtime on projects lately and right after dinner we got busy working on the list. We worked until Jon and Olive came by and then we released the kids into the sandbox.


They played, and fought and tried to put dirt in the box and sand out of the box and all the annoying fun things kids do in the sand. While they were distracted we got to work on a couple of tents.


Some friends had given Jon and Briana their tents but they didn’t know if all the pieces were there. We got them both up and all put together and they were in great shape.


It looked like it might rain so we took them down pretty quick. The zipper on our tent was acting up so I played with it some and squeezed the sides of the zipper with some pliers until it behaved normally again. Then we got the kids out of the box.


We sprayed them down with the hose good and stripped off sandy clothes and got them ready for bed. We got back to work putting away dishes, clothes, packing, vacuuming, moving things, cleaning things etc. I kept Peanut busy working hard until bedtime then rewarded him with some ice cream. Then he and Heath finished the first Percy Jackson series book and I finished the last Percy Jackson series book on our phones. Heath and I did a bit more packing and then headed to bed.

No post tomorrow, we are camping.

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